CPV-P Miyazaki Japan.

Lens R&D has visted the international conference CPV-9, an important event on Concentrator Photovoltaics. Keeping pace with the fast and continuous growth of the technology, representatives from every part of the CPV community have attend the conference and valuable insights in the requirements relevant to  sunsensors for terrestrial applications where gathered.    

CPV-P Miyazaki Japan.2013-04-28T20:53:22+01:00

Hannover Messe Germany

Lens R&D visited the Hannover Messe the world's biggest industrial fair.The Leading Trade Fair for Research, Development and Technology Transfer keeps us sharp and updated. It brings people and innovative ideas together. It is where scientists, developers, engineers and managers learn about the latest innovations and where Lens R&D presented their plans to play a significant [...]

Hannover Messe Germany2013-04-28T20:54:22+01:00

SmallSat Berlin Germany

9th IAA Symposium on Small Satellites for Earth Observation Lens R&D presented the BiSon 45 sunsensors for the first time Despite some difficulties for a number of American participants the conference was well attended and provided an overview of the latest activities in the field of small satellites and related technologies.    

SmallSat Berlin Germany2013-04-28T20:50:51+01:00