All parts are in to produce the first BiSon 6 and BiSon 64 sunsensors. Despite some issues we are still on track for product introduction during the CPV-10 It is rewarding to see the hardware grow after a long period of design and tests Shown is the BiSon 6 for concentrated photovoltaic applications.


First batches shipped for connector insertion

The first batches BiSon 6 (anodized to be able to withstand the environmental stresses associated with desert conditions) and BiSon 64 (chromatised to be able to discharge electrical charges generated by cosmic radiation) have been shipped to Axon for connector insertion.

First batches shipped for connector insertion2014-02-14T21:15:47+01:00

first batch of bare sensors

The BiSon 6 solar sensor for concentrated photovoltaics is shaping up. Today the first series of housings ever produced where inspected and although some minor issues where found which will need to be corrected, we are still on track for market introduction at the CPV10 in Albequerque in april. Shown is the first batch (of [...]

first batch of bare sensors2014-02-14T21:12:56+01:00