BiSon 6 ready for product introduction.

Last week, the first BiSon 6 sunsensors for solar concentrator applications where succesfully assembled, showing that the positioning of the photodiodes can be done automatically with the required accuracy, the pins can be bonded and the final unit is able to survive at least 10 cycles from +125 degrees C to -55 degrees C without [...]

BiSon 6 ready for product introduction.2014-03-30T21:00:00+01:00

BiSon 6 connectors inserted

Still on track for the CPV-10, the integrated connectors (which are one of the key features allowing Lens R&D to provide cost effective yet reliable sunsensors) have been inserted in the first series of BiSon 6 housings.  

BiSon 6 connectors inserted2014-03-14T21:33:59+01:00

Lens R&D was here (at the photonics west 2014)

Although not physically present, Lens R&D was present at the photonics West to emphasize the under-estimated importance of proper packaging. A joint display with Technobis Integrated Photonics Packaging Solutions (a brand new company focussing on the packaging of integrated photonics circuits) showed some real life solutions for packaging problems and the capabilities available.

Lens R&D was here (at the photonics west 2014)2014-03-07T20:30:57+01:00