For the last couple of months, two Bison 6 sunsensors have been put to test on a real tracker.
The tracker which is located at the Fraunhofer ISE in Freiburg.
Because this tracker is controlled with a sunsensor that has a quite high albedo sensitivity at the end of the day there are quite significant deviations form the nominal pointing.
These deviations are measured with a black photon sunsensor (red line) which has a very high accuracy but is far to expensive to be considered for per tracker applications.

The Bison 6 sunsensor (cost optimised for per tracker application) readings follow the Black Photon quite accurately for the majority of time, one of the Bison’s has the patented additional straylight mitigation included (blue line) and performs markedly better than the other as can be seen in the enclosed graph.

It should be noted that these measurements are only from one typical day and further data analyses will have to be performed, but the measurements seem to show to us that the Bison sunsensors fall in the category almost as good but a lot more affordable.

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