Monthly Archives: January 2015

vibration testing at ESTEC

vibration tests at ESTECOn 27th of January we completed a full vibration qualification program on the Bison 64 sunsensors showing the extremely high eigenfrequency of the units ( >2000Hz) and the capability to survive the specified 20mm peak to peak 30g sine vibrations and 37.9g random vibrations.

Another significant step on our way to TRL8 level


First deliveries for the ARTES21 SAT AIS program ESAIL

During a short ceremony at Lens R&D in Noordwijk, the ownership of 6  BiSon64 sunsensors (intended for the breadboard of the first ESAIL satellite) was transferred to our customer Luxspace.

ESAIL BB transferHanding over these sensors to the Deputy Managing Director of Luxspace Marino Poppé not only marked the  first formal delivery of hardware to a customer who intends to use our sunsensors on board of their satellites, but also the beginning of a second phase of the qualification testing.

Healthy and Happy NewYear to all

At Lens R&D we are looking forward to a promising 2015.
We would like to wish a Healthy and Happy new year to everybody, Friends, colleagues, partners, customers and competitors alike.