rising star_019On the 21th of May, during the Shell Ecomarathon in Rotterdam, Lens R&D was awarded the title most innovative company of the Netherlands as the winner of the Shell livewire rising star competition. We were very proud to be nominated and even more proud on being selected.

Many votes from all over the world helped us to get about half of the votes counted during the contest. Confirmations from the first votes cast (within an hour after sending out some emails) came from Australia and China followed by Canada, USA, Curacau, South Afrika many European countries including Russia and Kazachstan.

We would sincerely like to thank the people from all over the world that have voted for us and we will endeavor not to let you down and bring some change in the sunsensor world, be it for space or terrestrial applications. Thanks to the people at ESTEC for putting us on the roadmap (as this definitively helped as well) and for the people at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK) for organizing a competition without age limit for the contesters 🙂

For more information see the official press release at: