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The end (of qualification testing) is near

With the completion of pyroshock testing at ISIS in Delft it has been shown that the BiSon64 sunsensor is capable of surviving a launch on any launcher currently known.

Sunsensor Z axis SRS

Sunsensor Z axis SRS

Next to the pyroshocks perfomed (3 in each axis) some 14 other units where sustaining the heat (and cold) of thermal cycle testing at ESTEC.

Positioned in the gaseous nitrogen test facility the units were rapidly cycled between -40C and +80C at temperature change rates that reached up to 10 degrees per minute while heating up and down to -14 degrees per minute while cooling down. Both visual inspections and electrical tests confirmed that the units survived these tests without any significant degradation.

thermal cycle tests

14 BiSon64 units under thermal cycling test at ESTEC