Airbus / OneWeb supplier audit for fine sun sensors successful completedAfter two days of intensive auditing, today the supplier audit of Airbus/Oneweb was succesfully completed with very good results. The auditing not only comprised a carefull assessment of the procedures and way of working at Lens R&D but also included a company visit to some of our key suppliers (Boers & co and Lasertec)

After two days of information exchange, the meetings concluded with the mutual filling in of an audit matrix. Although this showed that we didn’t get the highest score on maturity for many points, this was not due to the fact that we don’t have the procedures in place or the way of working was not appreciated, but due to the fact that we were asked to offer a project specific design which has yet to be finalized.

Before this design is completed, it is obvious that many documents are not yet produced and/or tailored to the product, so we are not ready for full production yet. Nevertheless, the fact that we are seriously considered as a supplier is seen as a major step forward in being accepted as a player in the field of sunsensors for space applications to be reckoned with. Moreover, the fact that we have been asked to propose a dedicated design means we are also seen as a viable sensor design house. All in all two very busy but rewarding days.

Airbus/Oneweb is a joint venture specifically formed to develop and operate a large constellation of 648 small satellites which is to bring high speed internet access to the whole world.