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sneak preview BiSon74ET-RH sunsensor

bison74et-rh-eerste-huisje2Today we received the first titanium housings for the BiSon74ET-RH.

As we already had the 2mm thick sapphire membranes on stock it was quite easy to generate a first impression of what this sensor will look like once completely assembled.  Therefore we would like to present a sneak preview of the sensors today.

Designed in frame of an Artes 5.2 contract (for the use on extendable solar panels of Geostationary telecom satellites) and currently under production, the BiSon74ET-RH is a sunsensor that is to exhibit an unprecedented operating temperature range of +125C till -125C in combination with a very high level of radiation tolerance.

extended temperature sunsensor under development

LNOX test BiSon64ETLens R&D is currently developing extended temperature sunsensors in frame of an ESA Artes 5.2 contract. These sensors are expected to show an unprecedented operating temperature range of -125C till +125C with the intention to even reach a -145C operating temperature.

These temperature ranges are required to operate a sunsensor directly on an extendable solar panel of geostationary satellites.

These satellites are know to have solar panels who’s temperature can go up to +110C at end of life and go down to -110C (at worst case eclipses that can last more than three hours) at the Beginning of live of the satellite a couple of days a year.