BiSon74-ET-RH Engineering models received

Designed in frame of the Artes 5.2 program ITAR free extended temperature fine sunsensor and intended to be the first small fine sunsensor to be capable of surviving the temperature excursions and radiation exposure experienced when mounted on extendable solar panels of geostationary telecom satellites, The BiSon74-ET-RH is intended to be a unique sensor, providing [...]

BiSon74-ET-RH Engineering models received2017-03-20T15:00:49+01:00

Sneak preview BiSon64-B

This is a sneak preview of the BiSon64-B and the associated transport package. The sensor consists of a standards BiSon64 to which a small baffle is added to reduce the influence of albedo signals originating from outside the measurement field of view. Adding less than 5 grams to the sensors the baffle allows to increase [...]

Sneak preview BiSon64-B2017-03-20T15:02:35+01:00

JAXA’s vice president mr Yamaura visited Lens R&D

On 19th of October 2016 mr Yamaura and several other representatives of JAXA visited the facilities of Lens R&D in Noordwijk. After a short introduction on Lens R&D provided by Stefan Schmidt they got to see our super continuum based sunsensor calibration setup as well as various types of sunsensors both qualified and under design. [...]

JAXA’s vice president mr Yamaura visited Lens R&D2017-03-20T14:50:47+01:00