fine sun sensor - BiSon64-B (baffle for reduced albedo sensitivity, LEO, small satellites)This is a sneak preview of the BiSon64-B and the associated transport package.

The sensor consists of a standards BiSon64 to which a small baffle is added to reduce the influence of albedo signals originating from outside the measurement field of view.

Adding less than 5 grams to the sensors the baffle allows to increase the accuracy of the sensors significantly if albedo signals or reflections from structural parts are present.

By putting four of these sensors on the anti-earth looking face of a satellite and tilting them by 45 degrees a so called multiple analogue digital or MAD configuration can be created which will provide a super-hemispherical field of view combined with albedo insensitivity. (for earth pointing satellites).

The lid of the transport package can double as a remove before flight protection cap at satellite level if desired. The transport container will be added as a separate product to the Lens R&D product portfolio. Since all Lens R&D space grade sunsensors currently have the same mounting interface, the same product can be used for multiple types of sensor. (BiSon64, BiSon64-B, BiSon64-ET and BiSon74-ET-RH)