Everybody knows the Monopoly card  “a failure of the bank to your advantage, you receive…..”

An error that occurred during the vibration testing of our BiSon74-ET-RH sensors feels a bit like that.

Although the sensors were programmed to be tested to very significant levels (1g^2/Hz totalling 38.9g) it has now been confirmed that there was an error in the piloting channel that led to much higher test levels (as can be seen in the accompanying graph.

This plot (taken by the control accelerometer in Y axis) shows an integrated level of 58.77g and a spectral density which is more like 2g^2/Hz.

Although we would never have asked for such high levels of testing ourselves, it feels like an advantage to have done so, knowing that the sensors have survived.

Failure investigations showed that the same error has occurred some years ago during the testing of the BiSon64 sunsensors and is therefore very persistent.

Although it never got noticed at that time (because the pilot accelerometer does show the requested levels) it does mean that our BiSon64 sensors are also qualified to higher levels than previously presumed. This all the more shows that our Bison sunsensors are very hard to destroy.