fine sun sensor - BiSon64-B with a baffle for reduced albedo sensitivityThe main products marketed on the cubesatshop are the BiSon64-B and the BiSon64. Next to this it is also possible to find data on the dedicated pigtails that can be obtained through Lens R&D as well as the special transport container the cap of which can also be used as a remove before flight item.

It has taken quite some time before we decided to go and advertise as we wanted to make sure that we can deliver on the SCOTS promise. This promise is to deliver only top quality components for an off the shelf price and really off the shelf. Currently at TRL8 (a step which most cubesat hardware has skipped by going for a launch before full testing is completed) the first flight is planned for November 2017.

The baffled version is a bit more expensive, but is much less prone to accuracy deviations as a result of earth albedo generated signals. The small baffle will allow creation of a 100% albedo error free setup by tilting the sensors some 45 degrees and mounting them on the off nadir face of an earth pointing satellite. Several satellite builders have expressed interest in such a sensor and we therefore added the baffled version to the portfolio.

The price on the website for this sensor includes the dedicated transport cage which can double as a remove before flight protection cover.

It is the intention to (in time) add the BiSon74-ET-RH to the parts that are advertised via the qubesatshop. ( This will however only be done when qualifications are finished and some devices are available for sales off the shelf. Due to the length of the extensive qualification program expected, this will probably take some time though.