Monthly Archives: April 2017

Half a degree accuracy, let’s see

For several months now, Lens R&D has been busy building calibrating and analysing a statistically significant number of sunsensors.

Based on the results obtained so far, we concluded that all sensors have a common residual error profile. Because this error profile is determining the majority of the errors over the field of view, we decided to investigate the possibility to model this error so that it can be compensated. Based on a thorough analysis of the optical properties of our sensors we concluded that the error profile is related to some of the manufacturing details of our sensors which are expected to be highly repeatable.

This is why we started modelling some of the unwanted optical properties of the components used and Alexander Los came up with a computer simulation that will allow to correct for some of the inherent (but constant) deficiencies of the materials used in our sensors.

Celebrating the first lustrum at Lens R&D

5 years anniversary of Lens R&DOn Thursday 30th of March a small celebration at the SBIC in Noordwijk marked the 5 year existence of Lens R&D
although not very elaborate, the atmosphere was very good and even the weather cooperated in a fantastic manner as it was very sunny and some 8 degrees above the nominal average temperature in March.

We especially welcomed the congratulations of Stanley Kennedy and Maureen O’Brian that attended all the way from Colorado USA and mr Franco Ongaro that even came outside the official celebrations because of obligations elsewhere during the party.