5 years anniversary of Lens R&DOn Thursday 30th of March a small celebration at the SBIC in Noordwijk marked the 5 year existence of Lens R&D
although not very elaborate, the atmosphere was very good and even the weather cooperated in a fantastic manner as it was very sunny and some 8 degrees above the nominal average temperature in March.

We especially welcomed the congratulations of Stanley Kennedy and Maureen O’Brian that attended all the way from Colorado USA and mr Franco Ongaro that even came outside the official celebrations because of obligations elsewhere during the party.

I was pleasantly surprised with some of the very special gifts that we received. The more symbolic gifts were a big bouquet of flowers for my wife saying thank you for all the support over the last five years and a very special grating underlining the colourful character of Lens R&D.

Of course we shouldn’t forget the two kiwi plants that were bought by the personnel symbolising the five years that a kiwi requires before it starts to bear fruits.
All in all a memorable occasion that provides extra energy for the times ahead.
Thank you all for the congratulations and best wishes received on behalf of my wife and me.
Johan Leijtens