It is with a certain pride that we can announce to have had successful contract negotiations with ESA on another Artes contract called Digital sunsensor for telecom applications. No need to say this called for a small celebration 🙂

Our customers have come to expect reliable, cost effective and small solutions from Lens R&D, and the new developments of a sensor called IBIS is expected to bring exactly this. Based on a single chip dedicated sensor  (IPS) to be developed by Systematic design b.v. (represented by Richard Visee and @Gert van der Horn on above picture) the IBIS is to be a true digital sunsensor which is not affected by earths albedo and has a digital interface to the on-board computer.

This is definitively to be seen as a new major step for Lens R&D on it’s way  to be a recognized player in the field of high reliability sunsensors.

Currently this development is not including nice to haves like autonomous powering or wireless interfaces, but given the history of Lens R&D it should not come as a surprise that these issues will be born in mind while developing the imaging chip.