A couple of minutes ago DHL picked up the BiSon64-ET-B Sunsensors intended for the Luxspace SAT-AIS ESAIL mission.

The delivery marks the end of en era for Lens R&D as it was actually the first flight project acquired back in 2015. Over this Artes21 program we managed to increase our experience as well as the qualification status of our products drastically and as such we are very grateful to Luxspace for selecting the BiSon64 Sunsensors well before the flight qualification was finished.
We are looking back upon a very open and positive cooperation and hope to continue cooperating for many years to come.

As all good things come to an end we would like to thank the Luxspace team, the team at ESA and our national space agency NSO for the support over the past number of years. We are eagerly awaiting the launch and first flight results and wish Luxspace lots of succes also with future projects.