Another step in the history of Lens R&D has been taken today when a sales representative agreement was signed  between Microdrive Aerospace Ltd and Lens R&D.

Microdrive Aerospace Ltd will be the prime contact for our Chinese customers.

This is seen as a very  welcome step towards bridging time zones as well as avoiding potential issues with language barriers and cultural differences.

The first steps towards gearing up activities in China will be translating of our datasheets into Chinese, and a visit to China in Wk12 (18th till 22nd of March). The Chinese datasheets will be made available on our website including a link to Microdrive Aerospace Ltd in case one would like to contact them for further information.

On behalf of all employees of Lens R&D we would like to welcome the Microdrive team and express the hope that this will be a long, fruitful and prosperous cooperation.

Johan Leijtens