A MAUS that doesn’t eat into your budget is coming.

Today we assembled a demonstration unit of our new MAUS Sunsensor for nano-satellite applications.

Just in time for the 2019 small satellite conference starting in Logan (Utah) next Saturday.

As the MAUS uses the same photodiodes as our BiSon Sunsensors the sensors are extremely radiation tolerant (>200Mrad tested) and able to survive any radiation environment any smallsat would need to survive ever. Taking the typical cubesat approach  of not going through an extensive qualification process,(being convinced of the quality), we can offer them much more cost effectively than the BiSon Sunsensors.

Due to the use of a high reliability nano-D connector we dare to claim that this will be the highest reliability Sunsensor available for cubesats and smaller.

If you want to see the actual device, track me down at the conference, wait until I pass by or send an email to info@lens-rnd.com