SpaceTechExpo EU, 2019, Bremen, 21 November 2019 – Dutch CubeSat systems integrator ISIS – Innovative Solutions in Space (“ISISpace”) selected LENS R&D to provide them with their latest MAUS sun sensor product for their latest generation of nanosatellite platforms.

As a result of the close collaboration between ISISpace and LENS R&D, the new MAUS sun sensors are more optimized for use in the limited space available in nanosatellites, without compromising on the quality and robustness of the earlier LENS R&D products.

ISISpace, one of the leading suppliers of CubeSat mission solutions, is providing complete satellite missions, satellites and services for a broad range of applications and see a strong increase in the need for responsive remote sensing solutions using small satellites.

Lens R&D is specialized in high-reliability Sunsensors with the best quality to price ratio. Optimised for volume production and automatically assembled both the CubeSat sensor MAUS and ESA qualified BiSon64-ET and ET-B are ideal sensors to provide any satellite with a high-reliability LEOP and Safe mode. Due to the automated assembly, these sensors will reach a 1° accuracy in Zenith and 3.5° over the entire field of view without calibration compensation.

“At ISISpace we offer turn-key space mission solutions and satellite-as-a-service offerings to a broad range of customers with varying needs.” says Jeroen Rotteveel, CEO of ISISpace. “We are excited to team up with LENS R&D as a long term partner to equip our satellite platforms with the new MAUS sensors. We can rely on the expertise and experience of LENS R&D’s team to be able to offer a highly reliable set of equipment for our ADCS solutions to ensure mission success for our customers.”