The testing for our latest test program has been completed and the calibration results are in.

consisting of :

  • humidity test as specified in the ECSS-E-ST-10-03
  • 40g sine
  • 34.26g random (@2g²/Hz)
  • 3500g pyro shock
  • +125°C..-125°C thermal cycles

Next to the environmental qualfication, the new batch of diodes has been tested to 3.9E14 1MeV electrons (on the bare diodes)

This is equivalent to 9.2Mrad total ionizing dose and 12.3E9 MeV.cm²/g total non ionizing dose,

The test program in combination with the radiation testing covers most known missions and even makes the sensors suited for extra planetary exploration.

The differences in performance pre and post qualification are very small and within the quoted re-mounting accuracy.

So if you are looking for a small sensor that can stand a beating the BiSon64-ET or BiSon64-ET-B might be your sensor of choice.

NOTE: the shown accuracies are non-calibrated accuracies.

The picture can be enlarged by clicking on the icon to get the right level of detail

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