Following the TRB we had for the GSTP program we are updating the gathered accuracy data representation.

This, in order to make the high performance stability of our BiSon64-ET and BiSon64-ET-B sensors more visible.

The shown graph shows the raw error data (so without corrections) before and after the qualification program that consisted of:

  1. humidity test according to ECSS-E-ST-10-03
  2. 40g sine vibration
  3. 34.6g random vibration
  4. 3500g shock vibration
  5. 12 TVAC cycles between -125°C and +125°

Next to this it shows the change in error profile as determined from the two profiles.

The first set of graphs  (on the left) show that both the Alpha en Beta error  stay well within the ±3.5° specified.

The second set of graphs (on the right) show that the deviation between begin of life and end of life is very low and well within the ± 0.5° specified.

The shown deviations are not just the drifts in performance of the sensor but shown a combined error.

The results include:

  • the stability of the calibration setup.
  • the re-mounting accuracy of the sensors.
  • the drift due to the environmental tests.

The results show the raw data, meaning:

  • No intermediate adjustments to the test equipment have been performed between the initial calibration and the final calibration.
  • No offset or gain adjustments have been performed

The test period spanned from 22nd of July until the 8th of September).

Life testing is still in progress.

Initial results, gathered after 100 TVAC cycles, confirm the high stability found in the ECSS qualification program.