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MicroNed, reliability, radiation tolerance and Lens R&D

Delfi-C3 satellite related to the start of Lens R&D   Looking back at history the Dutch MicroNed technology development program has been instrumental in establishing Lens R&D. The program aimed at using MEMS technology to miniaturize satellite systems and led to the development of the Delfi-C3 satellite by the university of Delft in [...]

MicroNed, reliability, radiation tolerance and Lens R&D2020-12-24T17:03:37+01:00

A new way of presenting the earlier data

Following the TRB we had for the GSTP program we are updating the gathered accuracy data representation. This, in order to make the high performance stability of our BiSon64-ET and BiSon64-ET-B sensors more visible. The shown graph shows the raw error data (so without corrections) before and after the qualification program that consisted of: humidity [...]

A new way of presenting the earlier data2020-10-26T12:48:03+01:00

Basic ECSS testing completed

The testing for our latest test program has been completed and the calibration results are in. consisting of : humidity test as specified in the ECSS-E-ST-10-03 40g sine 34.26g random (@2g²/Hz) 3500g pyro shock +125°C..-125°C thermal cycles Next to the environmental qualfication, the new batch of diodes has been tested to 3.9E14 1MeV electrons (on [...]

Basic ECSS testing completed2020-09-24T12:58:27+01:00
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