Lens Research and development is currently a four people company owned by Johan Leijtens.

The activities employed span from consultancy and engineering services to innovative solutions for high reliability/ high tech systems.

The owner has almost three decades of accumulated experience in design and engineering for various special applications ranging from deep sea survey equipment, to military and space systems. The employees are without exception experienced in their field of operation be it logistics, quality control, systems engineering or administration.

Specialisms include:

  • multi disciplinary Systems engineering
  • detector technologies
  • EMC
  • High reliability interconnect
  • Design for manufacturing

Special areas of interest are:

  • Design of high reliability / (relative) low cost solutions
  • Technology evaluations / feasibility studies
  • small satellite technologies
  • MEMS/microtechnology bases innovations


Projects at hand include:

Production of MAUS and BiSon class Sunsensors

Development of a radiation hardened single chip digital Sunsensor (IBIS) in both an ESA variant and a cubesat variant.