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1610, 2021

Not the dark side of the Moon

Last Thursday (14th of October 2021) at CNES, the DRB for the MMX Sun Acquisition Sensor was successfully conducted. During the DRB, BiSon64-ET Sunsensors produced by Lens R&D were delivered to CNES in Toulouse. The sensors are the very first flight level electronic part delivered to CNES for this challenging mission. The Space grade Commercial Off the Shelf approach advertised by Lens R&D means that also in this case a major part of the delivery time could be cut short because we keep some of the most critical components on stock. After the sensors had proven to be stable within [...]

1010, 2021

ESA Global Space Markets Challenge winners

  Proud and humbled at the same time we like the world to know we have been selected by the ESA director general mr Joseph Aschbacker to be the third prize winner of the ESA Global Space Markets Challenge. The ESA ESA - Small and Medium Sized Enterprises website shows some more details but in short Lens R&D came in third. As a result we will be present at the IAC in Dubai to collect our prize and get the stage to promote our products. For those intimate with the history of Lens R&D it is obvious that this is to [...]

2006, 2021

Reliability for Cubesats

On the 18th of June we finished thermal vacuum cycling of the BiSon Sunsensors that was agreed upon in frame of the running ESA GSTP program. At the VaB thermal cycling facility has 9 slots for mounting Sunsensors, and all Lens R&D Sunsensors have the same mounting interface, we decided to test a MAUS along with the BiSon Sunsensors. As the test temperatures were well above the specified -40° to +80°C operational range specified for the sensors, this experiment should be treated as an accelerated life test for the sensors. As far as we know, accelerated life testing is [...]

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