The following types of sun sensor designs are available:

Fine Sun Sensor - BiSon64-ET for space applications (MEO, GEO, ITAR free, constellations)Fine Sun Sensor - BiSon64-ET-B for space applications (MEO, GEO, ITAR free, constellations)
Space applications:

  • LEO
  • MEO
  • GEO
  • Deep space
  • Direct solar panel mounting
  • High radiation tolerance
  • ITAR free
  • The BiSon64-ET-B is the BiSon64-ET with a baffle mounted
    in order to reduce albedo radiation.

    Developed add-on products for the BiSon64 and BiSon74-ET-RH are:

    Transport Container / Remove Before Flight CoverPigtail

    Lens Research & Development offers engineering services related to the various fields of Systems engineering:

    • Detector and front-end electronics
    • Design for manufacturing
    • High reliability interconnect
    • EMC

    The product and price catalog for 2018 and for 2019 are listed below: