BiSon64-ET-B FM (drw-nr: 150T001)


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The BiSon64-ET-B is the high reliable BiSon64-ET Sunsensor with a baffle mounted to the housing in order to reduce Earth albedo and stray light induced errors.

Quantity Price per unit in €
1 – 5 11785
6 – 17 9820
18 – 29 9275
30 – 59 8966
60 price on request

Available on backorder

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The BiSon64-ET-B is a radiation hardened analogue fine sun sensor for high reliable satellites applications and qualified according to ESA ECSS standards

The BiSon64-ET-B comes standard with a transport case (175C000) included.

The sensors are standard offered in a space grade commercial of the shelf (SCOTS) approach but can also be delivered with additional meetings and documentation to achieve a full ECSS level delivery


Additional information



Field of View (FOV)

±58° ±2° on axis, ±65° ±2° in diagonal


<0.5 degrees 3σ (using calibration tables), <2 degrees (using specific correction parameters), <3.5 degrees (without calibration)


<33 grams

Operating temperature

-120°C to +120°C

Qualification temperature

-65°C..+105°C, life testing 2000 TVAC cycles up to -45°C..+105°C

First eigenfrequency


Vibration loads

34.26g at 2g²/Hz (random), 40g (sine)

Shock loads


Radiation tolerance

8E14 1MeV electrons on bare diodes

BiSon64-ET-B product specification


BiSon64-ET-B Interface Control Document


BiSon64-ET-B interface control drawing


BiSon64-ET-B_simplified step can be obtained on request

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