The BiSon64-ET-B Sunsensor is currently under development within the ESA GSTP programme to reach fully ECSS compliance and is expected to be commercially available from Q4/2018.

BiSon64-ET-B Sunsensor is especially designed for direct solar panel mounting applications with an extended temperature range and a high reliability.

The BiSon64-ET-B is designed with following specifications:

FOV>±54 degrees on axis
>±64 degrees diagonal
Accuracy<1 degrees 3σ (using calibration tables)
<2 degrees (using specific correction parameters)
<4 degrees (without calibration)
Operating temperature range-120°C to +120°C
Qualification temperature range-125°C to +125°C
Mass<33 grams
10kΩ NTC temperature sensorinside package
First eigenfrequency> 200Hz
Housing materialTiAl6V4
Surface treatmentnone

Fur further detailed specifications, please contact us.