The BiSon64 is a sunsensor for space applications.

Fine Sun Sensor - BiSon64 for space applications (LEO, small satellites)

Specification overview

The BiSon64  has the following specifications:

FOV >±55 degrees on axis
>±60 degrees diagonal
±58° nominal
>±68° diagonal nominal
Accuracy 0.5 degrees 3σ (calibrated)
3.5 degrees 3σ (non-calibrated)
Operating temperature range -40°C to +80°C
Qualification temperature range-45°C to +85°C
Mass < 21.7±1 grams
10kΩ NTC temperature sensorinside package
First eigenfrequency> 500Hz
Housing materialAl6082-T6
Surface treatment Surtec 650



Qualification status overview
Product specification
Verification control document (VCD)
Interface control document (ICD)
Product and price catalogue
ARTES 3-4 BiSon64 production optimisation (final report)


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