MAUS / 700S00901 (drw-nr: 114T000)


The MAUS is a fine sun sensor especially developed for the CubeSat and small satellites market, taking advantage of the BiSon64-ET development experiences while keeping an focus on the special requirements for small satellites. The sensor should be usually used for Low Earth Orbit missions.

Quantity Price per unit in €
1 – 5 3963
6 – 17 3104
18 – 29 2990
30 2967



The MAUS fulfills the wishes for a small but reliable sun sensor that can be easily accommodated on board of a CubeSat. Although the MAUS does not have the highest functionality of all CubeSat sun sensors, the guaranteed accuracy, high radiation tolerance and Lens R&D reputation for quality have been important for this development.

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Additional information

Field of View (FOV)

>±56±2 degrees on X and Y axis, >±64±2 degrees diagonal

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