Single Sampler EGSE / 732S00101


The Single Sampler is a dedicated EGSE especially designed for BiSon sun sensors.  It contains an integrated variable transimpedance amplifier with a USB output. The sampler is delivered with a Python script to be easily integrated with other laboratory software.



The Single Sampler is read-out EGSE and developed for AOCS/ADCS research and development, as well AIT activities.

  • Variable transimpedance universal analogue Sunsensor interface box with USB output
  • Including one transimpedance (to be specified at time or order available transimpedances)
    power cord and python software interface
  • 14 bit 250 kHz 4 chanel simultaneous sampling (including thermistor monitoring circuit)
  • Optimised for digital readout of BiSon and MAUS Sunsensors
  • Programmable averaging per output sample ; Variable output sample rate
  • Can be used to readout third party current output Sunsensors or photodetectors through programmable transimpedance

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