Maiden flight for BiSon64 is near

Today, the students from Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering (DARE) showed the Aether rocket to the public for the first time. 3.3m in length and intended to reach Mach 1.7 before the parachute system is deployed at some 6km height, the rocket is not only a technology demonstrator for the stratos III rocket to be launched [...]

Maiden flight for BiSon64 is near2017-03-20T14:51:30+01:00

Even THOR did not damage or senSOR

Today we finished pyroshock testing at the ISISpace THOR facility. THOR stands for Testing Hammer for extraOrdinary Rough environments. These tests were performed in frame of an ARTES 5.2 program called ITAR free extended temperature sunsensor. 3 BiSon74ET-RH sensors with two different builds were tested. These sensors went through thermal cycling and vibration testing before. In frame of [...]

Even THOR did not damage or senSOR2017-03-20T14:59:20+01:00

Sneak preview BiSon64-B

This is a sneak preview of the BiSon64-B and the associated transport package. The sensor consists of a standards BiSon64 to which a small baffle is added to reduce the influence of albedo signals originating from outside the measurement field of view. Adding less than 5 grams to the sensors the baffle allows to increase [...]

Sneak preview BiSon64-B2017-03-20T15:02:35+01:00
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