Today (06/02/2017) we started advertising on the ISIS cubesatshop.

The main products marketed on the cubesatshop are the BiSon64-B and the BiSon64. Next to this it is also possible to find data on the dedicated pigtails that can be obtained through Lens R&D as well as the special transport container the cap of which can also be used as a remove before flight item. [...]

Today (06/02/2017) we started advertising on the ISIS cubesatshop.2017-03-20T14:56:01+01:00

Sneak preview BiSon64-B

This is a sneak preview of the BiSon64-B and the associated transport package. The sensor consists of a standards BiSon64 to which a small baffle is added to reduce the influence of albedo signals originating from outside the measurement field of view. Adding less than 5 grams to the sensors the baffle allows to increase [...]

Sneak preview BiSon64-B2017-03-20T15:02:35+01:00
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