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Producing of new calibration setup

Please see 'New Calibration setup' under publications for the accompanying video.


Here at Lens R&D B.V. we are always trying to improve our products and production processes.

In that light, we are currently developing a new calibration setup.

The setup can calibrate much faster as it uses DC motors and high accuracy encoders instead of steppermotors.

This way the current bottleneck in production will be resolved and we have more capacity to execute larger projects which are demanding a higher rate of production than can be sustained with the current setup.

We plan to commission the new setup Q2/2024.

For the time being we will have to settle for the idea that production volume will be improved in the long run while doing some overtime to finish running orders.

With the new setup we try to reach a situation where we can also guarantee a 9 Month delivery time for larger volumes in the future.

Once commissioned the setup is designed and documented to be very reproduceable, thus allowing to multiply the number of calibration units in case we have to produce even larger volumes.

Calibration capacity of one setup however is expected to be in the order of 200 units per month so most likely a second unit would be needed for backup reasons only (for the time being).

This is because in order to reach such volumes, other bottlenecks will need to be solved first.

In that sense having a commercially reproduceable setup is very helpful as it will allow to outsource production and verification to other locations.

All of this is related to the transfer from production on demand to going full SCOTS (Space grade Commercial Off The Shelf)

At this moment in time, we have a number of MAUS sensors on stock and hope to have some BiSon sensors on stock Q3/2024 for companies requiring low volumes.

This is to be able to serve new customers with a few Sunsensors to get there first satellite to orbit while preparing for upcoming constellation activities or one off satellites in general.