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in space.
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804, 2022

ESA qualification for Lens R&D

Starting on 9th of March with the final assembly steps and finishing on 31st of March with the final calibrations and associated accuracy change evaluation, Lens R&D has completed a full ECSS-E-ST-10-03 environmental ESA qualification in a record pace. Although the financial consequences of a listing in the Guiness Book of records prevents a formal registration of this record, we are sure that this is a record that will not be broken for some time (if ever). As a team we would like to express our gratitude to the staff at the ESA ESTEC MSL laboratory and involved people at [...]

1610, 2021

Not the dark side of the Moon

Last Thursday (14th of October 2021) at CNES, the DRB for the MMX Sun Acquisition Sensor was successfully conducted. During the DRB, BiSon64-ET Sunsensors produced by Lens R&D were delivered to CNES in Toulouse. The sensors are the very first flight level electronic part delivered to CNES for this challenging mission. The Space grade Commercial Off the Shelf approach advertised by Lens R&D means that also in this case a major part of the delivery time could be cut short because we keep some of the most critical components on stock. After the sensors had proven to be stable within [...]

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