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112, 2019

The MAUS is on it’s way to space

BiSon64-ET and MAUS Less than 3 Months after market introduction in Utah, a frame contract for the delivery of 24 units has been signed with Innovative Solutions In Space (Delft,NL) The MAUS fulfills their wishes for a small but reliable Sunsensor that can be easily accommodated on board of a cubesat. Although the MAUS doesn't have the highest functionality of all cubesat Sunsensors, the quaranteed accuracy, high radiation tolerance and Lens R&D reputation for quality have been important for the selection. Currently we are discussing with other potential customers as well to see if we can help them establising a [...]

3007, 2019

The MAUS is on it’s way to Utah

A MAUS that doesn't eat into your budget is coming. Today we assembled a demonstration unit of our new MAUS Sunsensor for nano-satellite applications. Just in time for the 2019 small satellite conference starting in Logan (Utah) next Saturday. As the MAUS uses the same photodiodes as our BiSon Sunsensors the sensors are extremely radiation tolerant (>200Mrad tested) and able to survive any radiation environment any smallsat would need to survive ever. Taking the typical cubesat approach  of not going through an extensive qualification process,(being convinced of the quality), we can offer them much more cost effectively than the BiSon [...]

2104, 2019

MAMA, it’s only a tool, (but then again a very special one)

We are happy to announce that the Mechanical Automated Membrane Aligner or MAMA tool has been commissioned with good results.This tool (which in actual fact is a dedicated Sunsensor assembly robot) has demonstrated the capability to assemble Sunsensors with a unprecedented precision.In essence the tools functioning is very simple:- The operator loads a semi-assembled Sunsensor and a membrane.- The operator connects the Semi-assembled sensor to the readout electronics.- After closing the door, the tool picks up the membrane and suspends it above the semi-assembled sensor.- The A high stability Sun simulator is turned on and illuminates the semi assembled sensor.- [...]

2002, 2019

China sales representative agreement signed.

Another step in the history of Lens R&D has been taken today when a sales representative agreement was signed  between Microdrive Aerospace Ltd and Lens R&D.Microdrive Aerospace Ltd will be the prime contact for our Chinese customers.This is seen as a very  welcome step towards bridging time zones as well as avoiding potential issues with language barriers and cultural differences.The first steps towards gearing up activities in China will be translating of our datasheets into Chinese, and a visit to China in Wk12 (18th till 22nd of March). The Chinese datasheets will be made available on our website including a [...]

1511, 2018


It took more than six and a half year before we could enjoy below lines. These simple lines are part of the launch manifest of a Falcon 9 to be launched on 19th of November 2018. The VESTA Satellite developed by SSTL for Honeywell and the ExactEarth constellation will be the first satellite to carry one of our BiSon64-B Sunsensors to space. Although we have delivered flight sensors to multiple missions no mission has flown yet. Consequently the VESTA satellite will mark the transformation from TRL8 to TRL9.One might wonder why it took so long to have a first flight qualification [...]