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Product omschrijving

The BiSon64-ET-B is the high reliable BiSon64-ET Sunsensor with a baffle mounted to the housing in order to reduce Earth albedo and stray light induced errors.


Field of view (FOV) ±58° ±2° on axis, ±65° ±2° in diagonal
Accuracy <0.5 degrees 3σ (using calibration tables), <2 degrees (using specific correction parameters), <3.5 degrees (without calibration)
Mass <33
Operating temperature -120°C to +120°C
Qualification temperature -65°C..+105°C, life testing 2000 TVAC cycles up to -45°C..+105°C
First frequency >200Hz
Vibration loads 34.26g at 2g²/Hz (random), 40g (sine)
Shock loads 3000g
Radiation tolerance 8E14 1MeV electrons on bare diodes


BiSon64-ET-B product specification

BiSon64-ET-B Interface Control Document

BiSon64-ET-B interface control drawing

BiSon64-ET-B_simplified step can be obtained on request

Vacuum compatible OGSE in development contact Lens R&D B.V. for further information.
 TiAlV Pigtails
ESA ECSS qualified dedicated BiSion64-ET or BiSon64-ET-B interconnect pigtail.
 BiSon64-ET FM
The BiSon64-ET is a fine sun sensor for high reliable satellites applications and qualified within ESA development activities. The sun sensor is designed for missions with demanding lifetime, radiation, thermal and mechanical requirements and can be used in LEO, MEO, GEO and beyond.
Single Sampler EGSE / 732S00101
The Single Sampler is a dedicated EGSE especially designed for BiSon sun sensors. It contains an integrated variable transimpedance amplifier with a USB output. The sampler is delivered with a Python script to be easily integrated with other laboratory software.
The MAUS is a radiation hardened (>10Mrad) fine sun sensor especially developed for the CubeSat market. Taking advantage of the BiSon64-ET developments while keeping a focus on the special requirements for the smallest satellites, the MAUS is combining high reliability Sun sensing with a very low profile.